Open Source Perlin Noise Library (with other algorithms as well)

I have recently created a library for generating various kinds of noise – with Perlin noise being fully multithreaded. I made it because I couldn’t find any good open source and Java compatible libraries with a permissive license. The library is hosted at GitHub and is under the BSD license. There isn’t any documentation right now, but the tests available here should be sufficient as usage of the library is very simple. Also, although the license doesn’t require it, I would appreciate it if I could be aware if anyone decides to use it.

As a basic example of how it works, here is an example of 3 lines of code to generate Perlin Noise:

HeightMap heightMap = new HeightMap(4096, new PerlinNoiseTemplate(0L, 9, 2, new DefaultPerlinNoiseHeightController()));

If you have any feedback on the library please let me know.

EDIT: A precompiled jar can be found here. Simply add it to your classpath to make use of the library.