Open Tutorial "" into JMonkeyEngine SDK 3.1


I am working on my first tutorial, which I found from the link here → The link to all the source code and assets is here → By unzipping the zip file, I know how to copy such “assets” folders to right location in the JMonkey SDK. However, I don’t know how to import the following source code.


I notice that, by opening the five tutorial folders above, I would see “master-application.jnlp”, but I do not know if I need to executing it in order to bring each tutorial into the JMonkey SDK.

Each folder that I mentioned above has a few dll files as well, but I am using Linux Mint 18.1, which, from how I understand it, would not need any dll files.

I hope someone can explain how to bring such project into the SDK.

Thank you.

I tried the following steps next, which I believe is the right way.

  1. Chose “File”, “Import Project”, “From Zip”, and entered the following information
    Zip File: /home/erick/Downloads/
    Folder: /home/erick/NetBeansProjects

  2. Clicked “Import” button.

  3. Chose “File”, “Import Project”, “External Project Assets”, and entered the following information
    Project Folder: /home/erick/NetBeansProjects/MonkeyBlaster Source/
    Assets Folder: /home/erick/Downloads/MonkeyBlaster Source/assets

  4. I would like to be able to click the button “Next” or “Finish”, but both of them are grayed out.

I hope someone can guide me further.

Thank you.

Hmmm are you using the JmonkeyEngine SDK which is based of netbeans or just straight netbeans

I am using JMonkey SDK itself.

Right now, I can see “Assets” folders from my file manager, though.

However, they won’t be shown in my SDK.

The two buttons “Next” or “Finish” from “File”, “Import Project”, “External Project Assets” doest not work correct right?

Thank you.

ok got it, so copy the assets folder into each project directory, i.e. the folder for MonkeyBlaster_Tutorial_Part1, MonkeyBlaster_Tutorial_Part2, and so on.
As per the readme:

in order to get the five parts to work you have to do one more thing.
Since it makes no sense to include the sounds and graphics 5 times we excluded them
from each part.

jMonkeyEngine stores its resources in a folder, called ‘assets’.
You need to take this assets folder and copy it in each project directory.
After that you can simply open the projects with the jME-SDK.

Have fun!

20.10.13, Daniel Gallenberger

Perfect. It works now. I need to copy “Assets” folder to each tutorial.

Thank you so much.

Just a guess from a quick skim of this topic: pre-3.1 projects don’t always work with the 3.1 SDK. Often you have to recreate it.

It works. I only need to adjust a few syntax.

Thank you.

I have created a project upgrader it should even ask you when you open a 3.0 project.

If not right click and select upgrade

Thank you so much.