Was wondering if anybody knew anything about OpenAI just stumbled on to the site and was wonder if anybody things about it, like time in development, usefulness to jme, or any general information at all?

looks pretty out of date… latest news is from 4 years ago?

Ya did not check the date till just now, but still seems like a lot of work was put into it, the finite state machine is what i am interested in, but i don't know much about AI so i can not really tell how developed it is. If it could be implemented to work with jme.  Also the neuron network would you use that injunction with the finite state engine to create original responses to situations? 

Neural networks need training. They need a LOT of training. And the worst part is, once you've trained them, and they SEEM to do OK with the test cases you throw at them, you have no way of proving that they actually do the right thing, or even figuring out WHY they're doing what they do. They aren't practical for game AI, and indeed are actually turning out to be less practical than initially thought for a number of seemingly well matched areas (like image recognition).

If there's a good finite state machine class, then try to use it. The project seems to be open source, so you can take what parts you want, as long as the license is OK for you. Worst that can happen is that you spend some time fixing bugs, instead of spending more time writing your own – especially if you've never done it before. If it's something you've done several times before, then using some random code vs doing it yourself again becomes harder.

If you are interested in neural networks, take a look at Joone (

It is currently an active project, with a GPL licence, and a quite good performer (I have sparsely tried it), with a number of different neural network implementations.

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