openGL calls

Hi everybody,

Here's my problem! I have to do a section of a building (a 3d mesh), is there a way to use openGL clipping plane to do that??? If not how can i do??

By the way I have another problem dealing with shared meshes. I have to replace some repeated meshes (everyone attached at it's own node) from an imported .3ds model. For do that I've tried this:

String name = trm.getName();            // trm is the mesh that I have to  replace with the shared one
SharedMesh shm = new SharedMesh(name+" SHM",finestre);    // finestre is the shared mesh
Node par = trm.getParent();
par.attachChildAt(shm, i);

but it doesn't work because i loose the shared meshes.

PS.Once again sorry for my English!

Maybe ClipState can help you