Opening Door Animation Blender/Jmonkey

I’ve got a super awesome question. I just learned how to animate opening a door with game logic by key pressing and near logic. Do I just import my scene with the door? And then write the inputManager code for opening the door in jmonkey around the animation that comes from pressing a key using ray length?

Just wanted to know how I should handle it before wasting time on useless trial and error.
I should do it just like that right? There is no tricky or around the corner crap. Its just import, and then type code in for animation, ray, and door opening.

I already can press the spacebar in blender and make the door swing open through animation. I import this scene with the door. And then I write the code for the action and animation… Right?

Lord give me a sign.

Believe me when i tell you that for the next 5 years 90% of your code will be thrown away through trial, error and education. Your progress herein lies in raw interest, determination, and probably endless reading of math, theories and existing implementations.


I know. Thanks