OpenVR Available, Convert?

It’s not something like flipped views? Or that the IPD setting differs or is reported in a different way for the Vive. Would be interesting if they could log it so that it can be compared.

So, it seems the problem was flipped IPD values. However, I “fixed” it with my DK2 by flipping the OpenVR Left & Right constants. This apparently worked for my DK2, but didn’t work on the Vive. I’ve confirmed it working now from that Vive developer – I just flip the IPD values & the keep the OpenVR constants the same (seems obvious now).

I also discovered the cause of “judder” on when using Direct Mode. My monitor is set to 60Hz, and apparently that results in the DK2 running @ 60Hz. I wouldn’t expect this to be a problem in Direct Mode, but it is. If I set my monitor resolution down & refresh rate up to 75Hz, Direct Mode is buttery smooth. I don’t have this same problem when using the Oculus Demo on the same machine… I’m in contact with Valve to get this resolved.

Just popping in to say this library is still being well maintained. Just updated it to OpenVR 0.9.9:

Renamed it to “jMonkeyVR” instead of “jmonkey-virtual-reality” :smile:

Looks like a new option to submit pre-distorted images to the compositor was added. This might be a nice way to push FOV by filling the whole screen, instead of blacking out around the edges.

So, my initial attempt at OSVR has been halted due to time constraints and I decided to go with the existing jMonkeyVR for now.
VRApplication extending Application won’t work for me, though, as I have libraries that require things from SimpleApplication.
I’ve set out to move everything into an OpenVRAppState instead. Initial tests seem to suggest it works OK, but I need to do some more testing.
It’s something of a hack since I’ve converted it pretty blindly without doing much consideration. I’ll create a pull request when I’m happy with it and you can integrate it if you want.

What do you require from SimpleApplication? The main jME3 team talked of deprecating that object because it was doing a little too much, which I generally agreed. I also wanted more control over the application’s flow, which VRApplication provides. I’m not particularly interested in shoehorning all of VR’s needs into an AppState. You may be able to accomplish it, though. Keep us updated on your progress.

rootNode and guiNode for example.
We all have our own requirements on development. This meets my requirements better.

rootNode & guiNode are useful, and I have them in VRApplication too. They don’t need to be just a SimpleApplication thing. However, I understand requirements are different… just remember that you don’t have to use SimpleApplication just because a few pieces of it are useful.

Yes, but if I have a library which is used across many projects it wouldn’t work to use a class from a VR library. Also I have yet to find a case where SimpleApplication isn’t enough. But I admit to unnecessary SimpleApplication casting in my AppStates.

Edit: I forgot to mention I’m also using vanilla jme. Seems to be working OK too.

Just to let you know

I am trying to direct all the effort toward one unique library (because at the moment we have at least 3 - pr00t, jherico and stellaArtis - ), because I find totally dispersive and not constructive having each user his own library

Therefore I contacted all those users: jherico is busy at the moment with other projects, phr00t didn’t want to go further than that as he also wrote in this self thread (although he joined and is quite helpful and collaborative) and stellaArtis didn’t reply yet (his repo is also 22 days old)

I create an organization for this purpouse, jovr. I copy pasted the code from ph00t and did a general cleaning and manual updating, bringing it to 0.9.20

Don’t hesitate to join and collaborate

Obligatory reference: :slight_smile:



That’s why we need organizations over personal repositories, so that if an user stops developing, other can easily continue to keep it alive :smirk:

The goal of jMonkeyVR is to be tightly integrated with jMonkeyEngine, so I can understand a more general purpose OpenVR Java wrapper. I’m struggling to keep everything maintained and move forward on my gaming projects, so I’m also glad someone else is stepping up.

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