Optimalization question


I’m working at the huge project and got some “problems” with optimalization.
I’m using Level of Detail for Terrain and whole scene objects but even that isn’t enough. In my game there will be big map created from scenes 1024x1024 with dynamic loading/removing scenes. ATM on 1 of my scene I render many models created from over 13 milions triangles. LoD solve about 5 milions but about 8 is still much. I’m also working on hiding models which are too far and unhiding them when we came back to it. Does any 1 got any other good ideas to increase performance? Maybe some codes? I thought about smth like hiding objects which are close enough our Player but they are hidden by other objects totally? Or maybe some texture remapings?

Samller scens? less visibility range?

Does depth of field view filter increase performance?

Object count is going to be more important than triangle count.

What is the object count of the large scene?

Even with batching 8 million is really high as well. (tho if not batched that should of course be done)

@Skatty said: Does depth of field view filter increase performance?

Actually, the opposite of increase :wink: