Optimizing CompoundCollisionShape

And if you are at it, don#t forget to give them http://www.bulletphysics.org/ a push as well, so they know it :slight_smile:

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any reason to not use this?

despite I believe optimizing compoud collision shapes per se would be awesome!

I like doing things myself. Also, there are some other features of this game that I want to add that are outside the scope of that framework. I intend this to be a real game – not just a Minecraft clone.

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I can’t seem to find the JBullet source anywhere? JBullet’s website seems to just point to compiled JARs and I don’t want to mess with plain Bullet as my C and C++ aren’t good enough for real contributions. JME3’s JME3-Bullet seems to just be a wrapper on JBullet.

I am looking for it too, it was in the google code svn.
As I read, the end of google code provided an auto-migration of “all” content to github, so… it seems, not all files were migrated and some got deleted…
As soon they restore it from a backup I would like to know too.
For the while I am using jdgui but the generated sources doesnt match the lines while debugging, I dont know why… so it didnt help.