Ortho mode.. pixel unit when resizing


Still new to JME… But like it a lot!

Well, I am still stuck on thisone…  :?

In ortho mode, the coordinate system zero is at the lower left, with window width / height as axis maximum… When I resize the canvas I call:

impl.resizeCanvas(comp.getWidth(), comp.getHeight());

But in ortho mode, the graphics is still painted with the startup resolution, resluting in 1 pixel not equals 1 unit.

This can be verified by starting the application above, and resizing the window. I should expect the lower left monkey to be unscaled...

Perhaps it is something fundamental I have not understood, or is it a bug?
Thankfull for any comments!

I have seen problems with resizing windows and canvas', too. But haven't tested it myself.

Mojo, renanse, any comments?

I actually have this thread bookmarked at home…  I keep meaning to get to looking at the poster's issue but I guess I get easily distracted.  :roll:

Anyhow, I'm trapped in a Border's bookstore for the next 45 mins or so, so I'll see what I can do here.

Ok, verified the bug and made a fix for it…  trying to commit…  ok, succeeded.  Hope that helps!

Ahh!  :smiley:

It worked! Thanks renance!

A really important fix for us!