Overiding controller direction

if a model has built in directional motion in its animation, can the controller be forced to change that direction in game, if so can someone explain how

I can import and set the model in any direction before applying the animation and it moves correctly forward in the models facing direction, but if I  rotate the model in game I also need to change the direction of the animation

Create your own ModelControllerController  :wink: for a similar purpose, The MCC is what is attached to the SceneGraph and gets updated by jme, whereas the MCC updates the Controller that animates the model. if you want it to run backwards just update the Controller with tpf*-1

although i dont know if that can lead to problems because of the negative tpf … worth a shot since its not difficult to implement.

Ok I kinda get what u mean will give it a go tonight.

will have to look at examples though, I suppose I'll have get the heading vector from the controller how do u do that