Package jmetest.terrain does not exist

So I am following the tutorial to get the hang of this library but when I copy and pasted the code from I had an Issue it claims that: package jmetest.terrain does not exist… Everything else is working fine just this package.  Any ideas?

The code in the online Flag Rush tutorial is often wrong. It is better to look at the code in your jmetest folder and use the wiki only for explanations of what is happening.

ok fixed the issue with the getFreq(); and getFullscreen(); the wiki is outdated they are actually isFullscreen(); and getFrequency();

Ok I went back to tutorial two it built earlier and now its complaining about

Procect Location*:56: cannot find symbol

symbol  : method getFreq()

location: interface com.jme.system.GameSettings

       freq = settings.getFreq();


Procect Location*:57: cannot find symbol

symbol  : method getFullscreen()

location: interface com.jme.system.GameSettings

       fullscreen = settings.getFullscreen();


I am totally at a lost I haven't changed anything but the code in my java class.  Yet It is complaining about being unable to find things in the libraries.  The other odd thing is that (settings.getWidth(); settings.getHeight(); settings.getDepth():wink: All work…

Yea ok well now I reload the code again today and it works fine.  then I try to use ImageBasedHeightMap and its complaining about cannot find symbol ImageBasedHeightMap even though I imported com.jmex.terrain.util.AbstractHeightMap  There is definatly more going on here then just outdated tutorials