Package size(noob question)

Im new to jME but not lwjgl.

i wanted to know if i use JME just for basic obj loading, will it be a small package (for webstart purposes), or do i need to bundle a big jME file. as i would like to use jME for its texture capabilities, but not at the moment. i would like to port what i have currently done over to jME so i can get used to it.

so what im asking is, is there a big file size increase if i was to do this? :slight_smile:

thanx in advance

Yes, it would be a big package, among other things, because the model loading code includes Collada.

thanx i might leave it for now then. and get into jme a bit later

Do you actually need to load a Collada file at runtime or can you convert it and then load it from the .jme binary type at runtime?  The latter would be faster and then you wouldn't need the six meg jme-collada.jar file.

do you need collada at all?  :expressionless:

you could also give proguard a try to shrink your distribution.

sfera said:

do you need collada at all?  :|

Didn't I just say that?  :P

no. you just asked if he has to convert his collada files. but he never said anything about collada. :wink:

dont think i need Callada (not even sure what that is), currently im just loading my ".obj" with my own custom class, with a maximum of 1 texture per obj.

I just used proGuard wowwwww thanx dude, this is the coolest :smiley:

so did you decide now? :slight_smile:

i will get into jME graphics later, ill just finish my collision physics for now. then hopefully i can port it over with no hassle  :expressionless: