Parrot ARDrone with jME3


I have been toying around a bit more with my AR.Drone lately and helped the JavaDrone project a bit who created a pure java library to control the drone.

The drone can also recognize "targets" (special stickers) via the camera, I'll add this functionality too and build some system around it that moves around models or something and finetune the drone->camera location transfer (this is just gyro data right now). Also I'll add normal jme3 joystick control support for the drone.

The final goal is of course being able to create full AR games using the drone and jME3. I'll add this as a jar library for jme3 projects to the update center as soon as it becomes somehow usable.

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that’s pretty sweet normen, looking forward to it. Thanks for the contribution

hehehe, looks pretty nifty.

Too bad I don’t have a drone like that, maybe should get one cause it looks a lot of fun