Parser for .x files

Well, I finally got around to updating my .x loader parser, it should now have all the information needed to do animations. The trouble is, I don’t know jme very well, and I need someone to help or preferably take over the process of saving the information to a jme file.

xloader site

There is a link to a jar file with the source code in it, and compiled classes though I just realized I compiled them with 1.5 (so guess it’s a good thing the source is in there too).

If anyone needs help with it, let me know, especially if you are planning to try to make this chunk of code useful by using it to create a jme file. You can test to see if the parser can handle your .x file by running it from a command prompt and giving it the file name of your .x file (it’ll read it in, try to parse it, and then spit back what it did parse out to std out, so probably best to redirect the output to a file so you can compare… the output is not intended to be a valid .x formatted file… gamespace light seems to have a bug in it’s mesh material list section so those .x models probably won’t load, though I haven’t ruled out that all the .x models I tested with were actually wrong and the gamespacelight model was correctly formatted…). Anyway, I’m a tired programmer and I need some sleep… cause um, I ramble when I’m tired if you hadn’t figured that out yet hehe