Particleeffect without movement-tail?


i attached a particleeffect to a node which is moved in the scene.

When i move the node, the effect leaves a tail of particles.

How can i disable this tail?

It seems that only the origin of the particleeffect is attached directly to the node, but the single particles are attached to the scene.

Is there a option to attach the particles to a node and not to the complete scene?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


No, as that would look unnatural.  But you can shorten the lifespan of the particles.

Hm ok.

If a candlelight in a driving closed trainwagon would leave a firetrail dependend on how fast the train is driving, this would be unnatural too. :wink:

Zing!  :smiley:

I'd say a candle flame is actually not a point source, but a volume with short life.  :)  Still, fair enough.  Off the top of my head, one thing you could try is writing a simple standin geometry object for the candle flame.  The candle flame particle effect would simulate at 0,0,0, but when the stand-in rendered in the scene graph, it would grab the particle effect, shift it to the right coordinates, and then draw the particles instead of itself.

On the other hand, a candle flame is rather simplistic and may look better as an animated billboard.  Or you could use a moving billboard of a stationary particle effect if you really want the particles (see imposter.)

That would be cool - I was thinking of something similar for clouds, with static particles, but rendering to an imposter when clouds are far away, with infrequent updates (since the angle to a distant cloud only changes slowly). Actually that reminds me - I was wondering about maybe making a LOD particle mesh as well, where particles are maybe merged or just culled as the view distance increases (again for clouds).