ParticleEmiiters (particles 'clumping') when 'parent' object changes direction

Hi folks, I believe…it is really working as expected…so…with that said…

I’m essentially using particles to create a trail behind a fast moving object, when the moving object drops below a specific velocity, I fade out the existing particles via: setParticlesPerSec(0), then turn it back on when the velocity cross threshold.

The issue I’m having is when the objects switched direction really fast, and the velocity doesn’t dip under the threshold…(hence the object stays essentially in the same position for brief amount of time), resulting in lots of particles ejected at the ‘same’ location.

I’m guessing there is no built in way/method to prevent particle ejection in within the ‘same location’.

as such…I’m guessing I can probably use do something like:

getParticles(), and kill them off manually, when I detect a change in direction, and too many particles are in close proximity.

(Also I just noticed a particle has a life value…perhaps rather then killing immediately.just set the life much lower…to make then die off fast.

any thoughts?

So reduce the emission rate during a turn in addition to low velocity?

Could you tie emission rate to velocity and then get a smooth increase in partical count as the speed increases…rather than a threshold on/off?

Well the direction change in velocity occurs so rapidly that it never dips below the threshold, I’m toying with the idea of forcing the emissions to only occur when the velocity has been effect in one direction for a minimum of amount of time…something like 50-100ms, that when when the direction rapidly shifts…the emissions die off at the point of change, but ‘immediately’ resume ones its object has strarted moving away from point of change. Also I do like the idea of tying the emissions rate more directly to the velocity itself, instead of using a hard threshold.

It seems to me that maybe something is wrong in your turning logic if you are turning without dropping velocity but not moving so far…

Surely if you are not moving so far in a time period that means your velocity has dropped for that time?