ParticleEmitter collision

Hello! So, I really just want to find when there is a collision between a particleEmitter and some physical object. Is that possible to do in PhysicsListener? I don’t mind if it is the collision between the individual particles or the actual emitter… :slight_smile:

Sure, just add a physics control… You should probably set the collision shape manually though.

Is it the best way to use collision shapes to, for example, damage an entity if it touch a particle (considering multiple emitters configurations)?.
If so, how can a collision shape be adapted to the current spatial without having to recreate a new shape each time?.
I tried with all shapes in here but I can’t get it working like I want and I neither know if it’s possible.

I have a node that contains the resulting meshes of some particle emitters and I’m trying to have collision shape that backs this meshes.

The best option is probably to simply check the distance to the emitter. Certainly the most efficient.

:smile: yes, that without doubt. But depending on the effect it can be too complicated as to worry that much about effeciency.

Can be done, it’s not overly complicated.

Could you post a link to the code of the shown on that post?. I’m actually using tonegod’s particle system which already have a physicsInfluencer but it’s mesh based, nothing with bullets so I would like to have an efficient reference to use it with bullets.

I’m going to guess that using jbullet is going to be far less efficient for particle collision than just defining a small geometry list, but I have been wrong many, many times before. Are you having trouble finding what geometries to track? Or?

I want them to collision with almost the whole scene, including dynamic added geometries. All of them already have a bullet collision shape so, having in mind that goemetries have much more triangles than collision shapes, I though that maybe in this case is faster using the already set up bullet system. I’m asking because I’m not a uber-pro on all of this things (just trying to be :stuck_out_tongue:).

I believe you’ll need an individual collision shape for each particle. Likely, you’ll want to disable influencers as well… just a guess though.

test, bench, tweak, repeat
test, bench, tweak, repeat
test, bench, tweak, repeat
test, bench, tweak, repeat

fake it some how

But… if I do that, I’ll lost the effect I want, doesn’t it?

Yep, It’s what is to do if I can’t get a clear conclusion from here, but It’s great to read others knowledges and thoughts and, if there is luck, save lot of test hours.

You may not have to… it’s just a guess.