Pause method in SimpleBulletApplication


is there a method like pause?

i want to pause the bullet physic engine and the drawing update methods.

try “speed=0;”

Setting speed = 0 causes the game to stop, u cant reactivate it.

the game isnt listening to events anymore.

What events?

Keyevents, the system does not react to key inputs.

Responding to key events is considered an update as well, if you modify the scene graph when the event happens.

Maybe there should be a way to pause physics without pausing the rest of the system?

their isnt :(.

im using the SimpleApplcation class.

i cant get hands on the update tick of the physic engine.

im setting speed to 0.000001, it looks like paused.

You can now pause the physics only by using the BulletAppState. It has a separate speed value now.

thx :slight_smile: