PBR, Materials and TechniqueDefLogic and shader variables

Thanks. Will just run my own JME with regular mergers. Guess that is not all bad. Since if finished it really is part of jme and not my code base.

…then what is the motivation for writing your own when JME already has one?

Just seems weird to claim not to want to do a bunch of work if someone else is already doing it… when someone else already did all of that work.

Because it doesn’t do a lot of things you actually need. Like more than one light probe handled properly with a bit more than POI and even that at last test doesn’t work. A proper set of diffuse lighting sph points over a scene and said management. Fast baking of the above. etc. I sort of did post on this once or twice.

For example i want to be have AABB parallax correction for the environment maps with full color SPH (not tint based) etc. Also parallax correction that is not tied to light radius.

Its a fairly big list. One important one being fairly fast baking since i use random maps. even the big engines struggle there.

I implemented that a couple of weeks ago btw.

Hmm… also it seems you can have many environment maps. How about SPH for indirect lighting?

Also I can’t seem to be able to set the new probe size at all. As in the area it affects the scene? setBounds is now a no op.

see this

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