[PeeKay]-OverView(Inspired by Runescape)

Never played runescape myself, so I was wondering - is this actually a fighting game or an FPS?  From the description it sounds more like an FPS than an actual fighting game.  I guess it depends on the description of a fighting game, though I think of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.

Hi Nader,

first of all: welcome to the jme-forums.

It's fine that your first post is a project description, and even using the project pattern.

So have fun with jME and your project!

But, what i wanna say is:

Might u use another CodeName for your project then [jME Game] please?

Because this is allready used for the "(semi) official" project of the jME-Community.

just change the threat subject by yourself, or give a shout for us to change it for you.

My suggestion [PeeKay] - Overview?

Use the new codeName then for all project-related threads, please.



Thank you for Letting me post this ,of course, there changed.