Perplexus: Tears Of Hæl (PPX:ToH)


The world has changed in only a moment. Everything that was thought to be constant and stable turned to be unreliable and everchanging. Neighbouring towns disappeared, enemies were left on the battlefields to survive together, well known spells turned against their casters, and mist covered the borders of the new territories. And out of this mist came something undescribeable, something that no-one has seen before.

But some say, that somewhere, hidden deep within the Chambers of Alichen, guarded by Ruquaya, the Destroyer lie the Scripts of Truth, the true story of the Age of Perplex. Some know them as the Memoirs of Grogath, others refer to them as the Book of Decay, but only a few dare to speak of them as the TEARS OF HÆL


We’ve been planning PPX:ToH, an MMORPG of our taste for more than 2 years now. The basic concepts are ready, we have stories of the world, concept arts to turn it to visual reality, and even some music. We are glad that we found this great engine, and looking at it’s capabilities, we’re sure, that it can turn or imaginations into a great game. Big thanks for the team JME.

The world has 4 playable races:

The Humans, that try to survive. Warriors without powerful leaders, Priests without gods, Magicians without well known spells.

The Fallen Gods, who has lost most of their powers in the Change, and now are trying to find new followers in the world living amongst the people they played with before.

The Undead, that raised from their underground world to conquer a new land, while growing their armies on their way.

The Insects, ants that became awar of their EGO, scorpions that grew larger than anyone else, and many other never seen types of creatures swarmed out to the world.

Where we are, What we need

We have built a terrain extension based on the TerrainQuad to be able to create very large open worlds. Also we have many concepts cleared ready to be used. But we lack people with nifty and 3d modelling experience. In the next few days, we’ll start the official webpage for the game, a facebook fansite. So if anyone wants to join us in this trip, we would welcome any help. :slight_smile:

More details later!


Uuuuuhhh wow! :smiley: Sounds exciting. Great artwork, really! I wish you all the best with this project, looks like it will be a good showcase for jME3 :slight_smile:

Also big kudos for contributing back to the jME3 project! This is really what jME3 is about, combining all experience and code so we all can do the games we couldn’t do alone :wink:


wow, that looks really awesome!

Amazing :smiley:

The artworks look really great :wink:

Looks cool! Can’t wait to try out the new races… Humans and Undead are used a lot, I think I’ve seen Fallen Gods once, but I definitely haven’t seen Insects in a game that’s not a RTS ;). So, is the world going to be randomly generated? That would also be quite different in an MMORPG… Not quite sure how that would work…

You guys deserve a lot of credit for making the effort to fit your requirements to general jME standards that will benefit more people. Of course, if open source does its thing, this should mean a bigger bulk of the code your game relies on will mature and evolve with the help of several individuals, but it always takes guts to make that first commitment.

People around here know that I don’t take easily to MMORPG ideas, but more than anything that is because they are prone to attract inexperienced developers. Looking at your contributions so far and this art, that is clearly not the case. I do still sincerely hope you’ve scoped for a very small ‘first playable’.

Given the serious development, your jME involvement and the hot MMO topic, your project would surely make for a good interview. I’m in a very busy game design course these days though, so finding the time can be a little tricky. Once those home- and fanpages are up we should start looking for a time and date though, if you’re interested.

The artworks are definitely good. The plot is quite not-understandable for a poor English reader like me :

But some say, that somewhere, hidden deep within the Chambers of Alichen, guarded by Ruquaya, the Destroyer lie the Scripts of Truth, the true story of the Age of Perplex. Some know them as the Memoirs of Grogath, others refer to them as the Book of Decay, but only a few dare to speak of them as the TEARS OF HÆL

Is that some gothic poem ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so exciting to see it in action … 3D Modeler Artist you may need, count me in !

Very nice! I love the art, and the work you have done for jme’s terrain system :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks everyone! :slight_smile: We had a very hard 2 years to make every bit fit in the great plans :slight_smile:

@erlend_sh: thanks for the opportunity, I would be interested in the interview some time. :slight_smile: And thanks for the critics. At first we also tried to make it the “professional” way, but we’re too small for anyone… But as time gone by, and we met the artists, writers and musicians we asked: Why couldn’t such a project be built upon a community? So if we make any new extensions on top of jME, we will commit that code back to you. :wink: And we also think that great things can be done, with only small steps at a time. :slight_smile:

@atomix: yeah, that’s some kind of a fragment of a gothic poem I made up in a dark hour of mine :wink: :smiley: But to say the truth, I tried to make up something that contains almost all the elements from the short stories we have in only a few sentences :slight_smile: And of course we would be pleased to have a 3D modeller artist in the group :slight_smile:

@nomnom: well Insects might not appear in the first few releases, but we absolutely want to use them :slight_smile: And as for the terrain, yes it will be generated procedurally so it can be “infinite”… We still need to find a way to add infinite content to this world :smiley:


Really impressed with the artwork. If I can find people half as good as that I’d be in heaven!

I like the intro, although some parts are a bit of a mouthful. But that’s only small details that will be ironed out later. The groundwork seems solid.

Now let’s hope everything goes according to plans! :slight_smile:

I’m still in the middle of creating content for the site, but I just thought I share a new image as a teaser. I just created wallpaper out of it. (The image was created by Sarah Valsheim [] for a contest we held 2 years ago.)


The site is up and ready. A few short pages are missing, and we must keep writing new posts frequently, but here it is:

Oooh, very pretty! Though I gotta say, the font strongly contrasts with the otherwise very lifelike elements. I see you’re using WordPress, so I’d recommend a font change, i.e. with the use of one of these plugins:

And another thing I’m suddenly curious about, where did you get the Æ from? is there someone from Norway/Iceland involved in your project?

Thanks for the suggestion… Now I don’t know which font to choose, there are so many :smiley: I’ll play around with it.

The character (the whole title) comes from a short story from a hungarian guy, but to be precise he had an umlaut (¨) over it. I hope will be able to translate everything in a few weeks.

Just make sure you don’t sacrifice any readability. Usually you can afford a pretty fancy font for the headers, while the body text shouldn’t be anything too out of the ordinary, if at all. Just sizing it up a little might do the trick.

Would you check it now? I like this font better, and I made the text a little grayer, so it makes less contrast with the background.

Oh yeh, that’s way better :slight_smile:

Did you checked the name “Perplexus”, there is a company in the United Kingdom with that name. They sell this strange ball-thing:

btw: nice artwork.

I would really like to help you, but I’am still new to JME and my Blender-Skills are basic. :confused: But if you need some simple 3D-Models (Items like potions, chests … or what ever) I may can help you. :slight_smile: