Physics car testing

Well, basically it's the same idea as "perick's" car, but with a more realistic suspension instead of a joint motor. And some virtual hydraulics on top of that :wink: It also has some basic gearbox/engine simulation.

Driving doesn't feel very good yet and the car goes crazy when you flip it at moderate speeds :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool!  8) The car suspension does seem interesting… keep it up!

HAH!  Love the audio.  Looks fun.

Very cool. My car example was really a hack. Would you be interested in writing an example test to share with everybody? If so I can help with it if you want.

Another video:

  • changed the wheels to cylinders
  • added simplified ackermann steering (inner wheel follows a smaller circle when turning)
  • added live camber on steering

    It still isn't perfect though. The suspension doesn't work at all at lower framerates and slightly vibrates on normal framerates.

    I will upload the sourcecode once it's cleaned up a bit, it's quite a mess at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Add a few Race Tracks with jumps and maybe loopings and this could be a fun little Game.

Stunt Car Racer (C64 / Amiga) just popped in my mind.

I'm very interested too by your car physics !!! It's great !

Perhaps we could collaborate on Bolidz ?! …


Well, here’s the sourcecode.

Sourcecode is still not pretty XD

It’s hosted on my home server until i find some proper webspace, so it might go offline when it kills my bandwith.

Some notes:

The audio samples are from wiki

The textures are from google images, forgot to write down where they came from ://

The wheel and wheel texture are made by perick

Controls are very simple, just use the arrow keys. There’s no reverse or reset :stuck_out_tongue:

The suspension vibrates really (and i do mean really) bad on start.

There’s a second small window with some stuff like speed etc. The disabled sliders show the suspension deflection, with the enabled sliders you can change the “rest point” (like hydraulics :stuck_out_tongue: ).

just extract it somewhere and run start.bat


Made some improvements  8)

  • damping now works as it should
  • car is updated with a physics callback instead of with the update() function, physics are much smoother now
  • brakes now work better

    Link is still the same.