physicsCharacterNode or physicsNode

I seem to be having a couple of issues with physicscharacterNode. For my current project the characters need to be able to jump to a max height based on the length of time the button has been pressed. In physics characterNode I have realized the jump method, originally I attempted to set a small jump speed and a max height based on the nodes current position and update the jump command until the node reached that height. The problem i am having is that the transition is not smooth it tends to be somewhat shaky (actually anytime the character is in the air it is shakey even in the begining when its falling from its start position onto the ground below). Increasing the jump speed smooths things out; however, the node reaches the max jump height on the first button press.

Another issue i am having is that the character falls through the floor if the other character falls ontop of him regardless of the height of the floor

the floor:

[java]PhysicsNode node3=new PhysicsNode(new MeshCollisionShape(new Box(Vector3f.ZERO,100f,200f,100f)),0);


the last one is the axis since all three axis are used i only need two at a time however the 3rd one must remain zero until it changes. i figured I could just change the local translation if the unused axis localTranslation or worldTranslation ever changes however this doesn’t seem to work correctly?

based on this would it be more beneficial to use physicsNode over physicsCharacterNode?

You should move the character only with the supplied setWalkDirection method, otherwise it will yield funny results. If you do that and still run into problems then you can try using a physicsNode, I suggest setting it to kinematic mode.

yeah i found that its a poor solution and won’t stay within a single axis, however physicsNode causes other problems though it fixes a lot-__-

what is a poor solution?

i meant using local translation to lock axis =p

Is their a general way that should be observed to prevent one physicsCharacterNode from bumping another physicsCharacterNode through the floor?

For me they dont when I use only setWalkDirection and jumping.

yeah that is all i use however for some odd reason when one physicsCharacterNode jumps ontop of the other the one underneath sinks into the ground and out the other side.

their collisionShapes are capsules

Well then make a rayTest to check if any characters are underneath and then adjust the walkdirection upwards so it doesnt push the other down.

though it does make sense to continue the walkdirection in the prevDirection it was in if a character is underneath it I am not sure how it will work out since the other player falls through almost simultaneously sometimes however I will attempt this method.

Yeah, the x/z component doesnt have to change, only the y one.