PhysicsRigidBodyControl dont have applyContiniousForce

PhysicsRigidBodyControl dont have applyContiniousForce. Actually the list seems a lot shorter. Is this a problem?

with r6544 & r6545, a lot names has been changed. I have a presentation on tuesday. So, I am a little afraid about updating. How much it is gonna break the existing code?

But, I need to update because of “animation speed issue” and “particle issues - depth writing”.

Some point would help a lot. I am just using PhysicsRigidBody, PhysicsCharacterControl.

The continuous force thing has been removed because it requires an additional loop through all physics objects each tick. You can achieve the same by just calling applyForce() each tick. The name changes are really just that, so a global find&replace should do it, no other problems.

I dont know much about ‘tick’. How do I do “applyForce() on each tick”?

Each time simpleUpdate is called.