Pipeline broken (Blender Convert changed?)

So i have .blend objects that i converted to .J3o and then i map materials to them with a .j3m materials map… I recently updated my SDK and now when i convert the .blend files to .j3o and try to apply the material, the Uv mapping is all messed up,

additionally i can’t get new models to work using the same pipeline i had been using blend->export uv layout-> make material-> apply it to a .j3o object in the scene explorer properties windows (kind of frustrating)

What changes have been made to the .blend->j3o converter that i need to account for in my pipeline?

Have you tried exporting the files using the Ogre XML Exporter? Thats how I got a heart in my project using the latest Blender.

Ps: I would send a link to the plugin, but I’m on my phone right now.

I don’t know if I get you right but the material doesn’t save the UV layout, the mesh does.

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@Normen, thanks for the tip, i thought the UV coordinates has something to do with the blender material… Apparently i was doing it wrong all along, and the new updates actually broke it. If i delete the assigned material so that the object has no material when i convert it to a .j3o, when i assign the .j3m mat in the scene explorer it works fine…

Hmkay… Can you more accurately explain what you do and what happens when, maybe with a test case and model?

Here’s the steps i take

1->model the object in blender

2-> uv unwrap the object

3-> export the uv layout and paint the texture in my favorite paint program (save as a .png)

4-> THIS is where things get hairy… If i assign a material to the object in blender before proceeding, the UV mapping won’t work, but if i leave the object with NO material in blender it is fine.

5-> IN the SDK i right click the .blend file and click-> Convert to j3o (ALSO i make a new .j3m materail with the .png i made in step 3)

6-> In the scene explorer i open my new .j3o object and in the properties window i set the material to the .j3m i made in step 5

7-> I see it mapped correctly in the scene explorer ONLY if i don’t assign a material in blender in step 4… So as long as i don’t do that, it works fine… i just thought i had to do assign a material to get the UV coords, but if you don’t it works fine

So you have the .blend and texture files all in the assets folder? Then just applying the texture in blender should work. Are you sure you applied it properly? Theres some modes where inside the application you see a texture but you didn’t really apply it as a color map. The fact that you have to assign a j3m (which basically only does that, applying a texture for a certain slot like diffuse or normal) also hints that you don’t “really” apply the texture in blender.

Yeah its not my intent to apply the texture in blender, I want to apply the material in the scene explorer… I can do it in blender but from my experience i couldn’t get spec and normal maps to work doing it that way

The problem is that if you have a material assigned in blender, you can’t “override” it with a .j3m material once you convert the .blend file to a .j3o… Well it’s not really a problem, just something that i had to figure out since it seems to have changed in one of the recent SDK updates

@kbender88 said:
The problem is that if you have a material assigned in blender, you can't "override" it with a .j3m material

Thats super strange, I think its only because you apply it "wrong" in blender and then the importer scraps the UV coords because it thinks you want some other kind of texturing.. @Kaelthas?