PirateHell 1.1 (news and stuff)

Greetings monkeys,

so I had a break in France at the shores of the atlantic and magically gained new power to continue with full force.

Which leeds to a little screenshot of the new world map

Progress for first update

I fear that with the world map people may will compare the game with Pirates even more. The thing is: it’s hard to avoid a comparison with Pirates as the game covers nearly every aspect of a ship focused pirate game.

But what the hell. Pirates is cool and I’m doing my best to hold my own course.

For loot’n booty!



Aaaaand here we got the announcement for the great, grand update of PirateHell:


And if anybody mentions that it looks like “Sid Meiers: Pirates” again, I will keelhaul him by myself. :stuck_out_tongue: