Piratehell: The Great, Grand World out now

Arrr maytees,

last days were good days.

First: The first update from PirateHell is out now on desura:

Desura Digital Distribution.

We got a bunch of cool new features like:

  • better graphics (now with shadows!)
  • a world map
  • randomly generated side quests
  • items and equipment
  • percental chance of doing critical hits
  • a new building: Build the chapel and let your pirates pray to the God of Gold
  • a new ship (but you have to find it by yourself)
  • duckhunt minigame (which you have to find, too :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • massive UI improvements especially for gamepads


What else have we got? Ah. yes:

PirateHell got greenlit on steam. Currently Iโ€™m fighting throught a bunch of paperwork but the hardest task is done: We have green light.

So whats next? Iโ€™ll spend a couple of weeks to do a task I always underestimated. In short: PR. You can create the coolest game in the world but if nobody knows about it its really useless.

So have fun and happy plundering.



Congratulation for your green light :wink:


Awesome work and awesome game, great job!
Hereโ€™s hoping you get the rewards as you do deserve it!