PirateHell update announcement: The Great, Grand World

Hands up! Who thought PirateHell is dead?

No, it isn’t, but it is like every time: “Hey, that feature would be cool. And that feature would be cool, too. Oh and full support of gamepad AND mouse/keyboad” and so on.

But now I’m happy to announce that PirateHell has an update called “The Great, Grand World”!

And the name says everything. PirateHell got a world mode where you can travel around, meet traders (and plunder them), collect flotsam, trade with cities, equip awesome stuff (yes we got an inventory), accept side missions and discover a few nifty secrets.

The update reached beta state last week and I’m currently polishing like hell.

So all in all we got:

  • advanced graphics (now with shadows!)
  • a world map
  • randomly generated side quests
  • items and equipment
  • percental chance of doing critical hits
  • a new building: Build the chapel and let your pirates pray to the God of Gold
  • a new ship (but you have to find it by yourself)
  • duckhunt minigame (which you have to find, too :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • massive UI improvements especially for gamepads

I think that’s all. New trailer is attached, screenies will follow.

Yoho, yoho, a pirate’s game for me… and you… and everybody who wants it!



Great job there! :smiley: Looks awesome.

Awesome! really really great graphics, very impressive.

Don’t forget to mention the awesome work of @normen and the musicians who gave PirateHell its music. :slight_smile:

Logged in just to say that it looks really awesome!

Very pretty.

This game has a lot of great ideas it seems. I wish Ac4 would have had a touch of what this game has :slight_smile: The boats are a bit too fast in my opinion. (Thats just me i prefer to be more tactical and slow), but i suppose it has to be because of the fast paced combat. Awesome look and feel to it :slight_smile:


> Add ramming
> Randomly Generated World

Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:
Who needs Unity :stuck_out_tongue:

Very impressive. Kudos for finishing. It’s an art in itself.

Super cool!

@TastyLemons: A completely randomly generated world would be a little bit to much for my capacities but the game already has generated side quests that can randomly generate the mission terrain.

See this post: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/mission-generation/

And to everybody: thank you, thank you, thank you. When the update is out I’ll go and drink a whole bottle of rum to celebrate this madness. ^^

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the game is awesome

@SatishKumar: Thanks and welcome to the monkey herd. =D

I just tried to demo and it was awesome :smiley:

( this is a silent and sneeky whispering that says that PirateHell: The Great Grand World will be released in 1, max. 2 weeks. put, shhhhh, don’t speak to loud.)