Playing video files on android

Hi everyone,

I’m aware of the fact that currently jMonkey does not support any library that can play video across multiple platforms and more work is needed in case of ‘loading videos’. JMF which was designed to be a cross-platform video library does not work in android but in my case I want to play the video only on tablets that will guide users how to play the game.

I don’t want it to a ‘loading video’ instead I want it to play after my second nifty screen. Considering the fact that ‘MediaPlayer’ library on android allows us to play videos on android, but it won’t be accessible like other android libraries in jMonkey code.

How can I use it to play video after code control has been passed to jMonkey.

Just make an AppState (in the android project) that writes the decoded video data to an image and makes it available for rendering.