Plugin problems encountered in sdk

I installed this plugin in the sdk

But the sdk keeps showing that it’s loading

Everything works fine in Apache NetBeans IDE 14, not sure what’s happening I’ve tried switching jdk versions but nothing seems to have changed.

What do the IDE logs say? Probably we are missing some module… SDK is running on NB 19 if you got the latest.

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Ok I’ll try to upgrade the SDK
Thank you for your reply.

I updated the SDK and then installed the plugin and I’m getting this error
(I don’t understand what this reported error means, but I’m guessing that I should be missing a module that is causing the problem)

I solved the problem by adding the following to default_options= in the conf file


I copied the configuration directly from netbeans :wink:

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Ok, we’ll fix this to the next version.

You can fix it by yourself by adding the following to the jmonkeyengine.conf (under args) in the etc folder: