Poly count

Hello fellow monkeys! I was wondering what the recommended poly counts are in jme3, such as enemies, player, bosses scene objects, and the level itself. Also considering I will mainly be using jbullet physics should I have less polys? Oh and do 300-particle explosions take an overly large toll on the processor? I’m planning to have a maximum of 10 or 15 or is that too many. Sorry for my very noobish qs but I am working on models now so I need to know my limits

Well polygons i would say less better, but 1-5 million (depending on harxdware) is in

All objects renderd (this is one billboard for every partcle) I would try to keep under 4000 at all costs, I suggest somewhere around 2000-3000

There is no recommended polycount. You decide based on your target hardware how many you want to have. Video cards nowadays can handle anywhere between 10,000 to several million.

Having 300 particle explosions is probably not necessary, look at the TestExplosionEffect, it gives each emitter about 15 particles and the effect is still just as good.

LOL I guess I don’t need to worry about poly counts too much then. I will look at that testexplosioneffect example, that sounds impressive!