Port .I guess I should change the port value in Global.java

normen,you suggest me the port is useless.

(I set the port value with 0 or any thing like 8088 again and again)which prove you are right–something wrong with the port.

So far I still can not find a way out…(my personal problem)

Concludion,I didn’t know socket at all.

I still need technical support from u.:slight_smile:

Bumblebee is oaktrees leg, the ship was vitalized in rabid cat food.

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i think he was ironic. and btw normen: nice avatar :wink:

…i’ll have some of what normen had. how long does it take to kick in?

@oxplay2 said:
i think he was ironic. and btw normen: nice avatar ;)

was actually replying to the first poster ;) thus the question still is


Thought this was a contest for the most senseless post :wink:

Some questions are lacking valid information but rarely do we get a gem like this that lacks any information. :wink:

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Actually, the op does make a good point. Sometimes though, the way out can only be found once you are sure there is really a way in.

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And wherever you go, there you are.

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@wangluyao said:
still can not find a way out..

follow us! we've found a way out. ...but you're right, the port is useless.

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