Positioning joined rigid bodies

noob question:

I have an arrangement of several physics rigid bodies connected by joints.

what is the best way to move these bodies to an initial position after they have been created, while still respecting their joints?

I want to grab it by a point on one body, and have the rest of the arrangement conform…

are nodes the way to go? I’m trying this, but I’m unsure about the hierarchy, since I want to be able to manipulate it by various possible points.

am I on the right track?

Or do I have to move by applying a force?


Just move them both the same way. Check the interconnections via bones and move all rigidbodies the same time. Preferably switch to kinematic mode while moving the rigidbodies directly without forces.

hmm. ok, but I have just primitives like cylinders and spheres, no imported models, so I can’t use bones, can I? the structure is created by the code, depending on user input, so I can’t create a model beforehand.

the bodies should also rotate, but I don’t want to figure out how much each should rotate by.

will try the kinematic mode though.


sure you can, why not?

ok time to hit the docs I guess! :slight_smile:

I thought bones were only created by max /blender and imported.

joints != bones

I know, but I was hoping to get away with just joints. guess I can’t.

thanks for the tip, will give it a read and a try.

yes you can.