Posting a news about our Forum statistics

How about ? Like total members, member increment rate, forum post count, post rate, ranking etc etc. All the fun stuff that you can gather.

Along with the beta news, it would be a fun update.

What others say about this.

Most of that info is available.

  • post count is in the forum overview
  • active member count is under

    A sort option by post rating would be nice though… But somebody has to program that :slight_smile:

I wasn’t asking info about any specific point in time. I was talking about the the timeline.

Ah, like an overview in a post instead of some page on the site where you see all that info in its current state? @erlend_sh does that sometimes in more general posts. With the amount of info in a release post I guess it’d get quite bloated… But we could start doing KeyNotes instead of just release posts… With fancy slides showing our user rates soaring and stuff xD

Seriously though, I’m sure @erlend_sh will put out such info in the near future :slight_smile: