Potential Tool Project


I'm thinking about possibly writing an animation tool using jME. The basic idea would be to be able to bring in a model, create and attach bones, allow them to be moved into key frame positions, and so on.

If you have a lot of knowledge in this area, you may be able to tell that I have very little idea of what I might be talking about :). So, I'm looking for any information on bone animation in general, and specifics in jME. I have toyed around with the TestSimpleAnimation class, but I don't think I understand it very well yet. If anyone has any other code or techniques in this area that they might be able to share, I love it if you would.

I'm thinking of using Renanse's Particle Editor as a basis for the tool. It looks like that approach should do what I need - are the any reasons I shouldn't do that?

Any and all help is appreciated.


We have done something similar at work here, so it should be sound enough.  :)  Beyond that, I don't think I could say much more.

Hi Renanse,

Thanks for the reply.

I'll be leaving for vacation shortly, so I won't be on the forum much for the next month. When I get back, I'll be bugging you with more specific questions.

See you then :)

Oh, one other thing - I can't seem to find the texture used in the TestSimpleBoneAnimation class - it's looking for "test/data/model/Player/trex-eye.tga", but jME can't find it, and I didn't find it on disk. Is it checked in, and does it make the animation look any better? :)