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Hello everyone,

I am an experienced Java developer and I love this language. Like many developers, my main driving force is creating things. One of those things I had in mind for a long time was game development. My gateway to this fascinating world, which is unexpectedly very different from the classic development I was used to, has been JMonkey.

A little over a year ago, I started this journey, and JME3 has been my choice. I am very happy to have chosen it. Banging my head against the wall was less painful thanks to this small but enthusiastic community. Seriously, even though it’s small, it feels very active and makes the project truly feel alive.

During this time, I have learned a lot, and as always, there is still a long way to go. To learn how to use the engine and create my first game, I decided on a sort of space-themed city builder aimed at mobile devices. The project was very ambitious for my first game, but I must say that for someone with experience in Java, JME3 makes it really fun. I wanted to stay away from the popular Unity, which seems to do magical things, and sometimes I love reinventing the wheel.

JME is a comprehensive engine that gave me everything I needed. The game is made with JME 3.6.1, and I created the UI thanks to Lemur. I undertook the project with the goal of learning and proving to myself that I could create a game. It might be useful as an example of what can be done with JME, and although it’s in beta, it could be considered a finished and published game. In the version information section within the game, I took the liberty of displaying the JME logo (“Made with JMonkeyEngine”).

I now have other projects in mind, although I will surely try other open-source engines outside of Java to step out of my comfort zone.

I just wanted to introduce myself in this way and thank everyone for the work behind JME.


Sorry! I forgot to post the link to the game:


Hi @jmg , I would like to commend you for making this game. Knowing how to code java and making a game in jME is not that of an easy task. And with that you choose to make a space themed city builder.
Extremely well done. This game is very well polished, sounds, graphics and aesthetics fit very well. The different camera angles and translation between them was also very pleasant.

With that said I want to give you some feedback from a non regular gamer.

  1. When I started the game I had absolutely no idea what to do. So my suggestion would be to guide the player a bit when it is his first time playing, either by some easy help me popup text or visual indications.
  2. The text size for most of the things were super small, now that might be because my eyes are not the great any more, however I feel they could be increased a bit.
  3. The click area of the buttons or text is a bit small. With some of the buttons or text I had to click a few times to get it triggered.

For now, that is what feedback I could give. I wanted to give you this feedback because I have been making android games for a while now and they are dear to my heart.

Good job.


Great achievement for publishing a complete game to the Google Store!
The look & feel is awesome. The UI part is excellent. I also struggled (and still do) to understand what to do. It’s hard for me to read so much text in such small fonts.



Thank you for the feedback, I truly appreciate it. I took your suggestions into account and slightly increased the text size throughout the UI, which was an easy adjustment thanks to parameterization. I’m still considering how to guide the player to make the beginning feel less overwhelming. I also acknowledge that the platform might not be the best fit for this genre. Anyway, the new update is available if you’d like to give it a try.


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Very impressive work!

I gave it a try, but eventually got a crash without any error report whenever I clicked on an icon in the upper right corner shortly after I had built the first building.

That would probably be my biggest criticism after briefly playing.

I’m impressed by how much depth there is to the game and how many choices and options for specialization there are, however (especially on mobile) I think that the player needs eased in so they aren’t overloaded with too many choices when the game starts. I felt like I was overwhelmed with choices but didn’t quite understand the context of what I was choosing between, so I just ended up making mostly random choices in regards to my starting planet and specialization.

I would also suggest starting the player out on a planet, rather than having them choose right from the start, and then present some sort of tutorial on that planet prior to letting them zoom out to the galaxy where they can pick their next planet.

Yes I think if it were a desktop game then I wouldn’t have had nearly as much of an issue with information-overload, and the interfaces would also be much easier to navigate on a desktop where you could have more and bigger text on the screen, as well as things like tool-tips that pop up when you hover over buttons with the mouse.

But the depth of the game is very impressive and I think it could have even more potential if it were a desktop game. If you continue to work on the game, it could be a good idea to consider releasing a desktop version as well.



I’m sorry you encountered a bug when clicking the icon in the top right corner. I’ve added a button on the home screen to report bugs with information to help debug it. If you could send me a report from there, I would greatly appreciate it, as this bug is rare and I don’t know how to reproduce it.

There is a new update available where I have refined the UI a bit, made the text more concise, and highlighted key words with colors to make it easier to follow.

Regarding the platform, it’s not something I have planned for the short term, but it could happen in the future.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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I’m struggling to reproduce it again as well.

I had the crash 3 times in a row, all from different actions after viewing my first planet for the first time. Everytime I restarted the app, I would open my starting planet and kept getting the first misssion-completion message again right before the crash, so maybe it had to with that mission completion rather than the buildings/icons i was selecting.

It eventually started up the 4th time and this time I did not get the mission completion message (it must have saved as completed before the last crash) and then I was able to continue playing without any issues.