Problem building JME from SVN: cannot access GLCanvas

hi! I am trying to build the jme jars from svn in order to gain access to latest changes in applets classes. when execute the ANT task, I got errors related to JOGL classes not being found, and the whole process fails.

I copied some errors at the end of this message. I am working with LWGL applets, but it seems that I need to compile everything in order to have a valid jme.jar.

I am using eclipse, winXP, tortoise SVN, and I check that jogl.jar is in the lib folder and it appears in the java build path / libraries dialog of eclipse. in the eclipse GUI these classes does not show any problem (does not are underlighted in red). the error only appears when executing the ant task.

anyone had experienced this problem?

[javac] Compiling 26 source files to E:my_eclipse_projectsjme2build

    [javac] cannot access GLCanvas

    [javac] class file for GLCanvas not found

    [javac]        GLCanvas glCanvas = createGLCanvas();

    [javac]                                          ^

    [javac] cannot access GLCapabilities

    [javac] class file for GLCapabilities not found

    [javac]        final JOGLAWTCanvas glCanvas = new JOGLAWTCanvas(caps);

ant clean and ant dist-all works fine here on winxp.

Are you sure you have jogl.jar in lib/jogl/jogl.jar ?

Maybe you could do a “ant -v dist-all” and post the output in a pastebin (as it probably will be very long)

problem solved! cleaning all before compiling was the solution, as you suggested.

strangely, it has nothing to do with jogl.jar, as the log suggest…

Thank you!