Problem converting from ogre .mesh-file

When I try to convert any of my .mesh-files to j3o I get the

“Trying to save asset that has not been loaded before or does not support saving!

Could not locate saved file.” error.

My friend who has Mac Os is successful.

Is this only on my computer or is this problem perhaps on all W7(x64) computers?

You mean mesh.xml right? The binary mesh format is not supported. If yes, this sounds much like a user permissions problem, how exactly do you try to convert the file?

No, not mesh.xml.

Filename.mesh together with filename.material.

I right click the file and “Convert to j3o binary”

Since I use 3ds max and not blender I can only output to .mesh-files. At least to my knowledge.

Okay, when you use the binary files, jMP launches the command line OgreXML tool to convert the file before importing, maybe with this knowledge you can see where it fails.