Problem exporting ogre models from Blender 2.49

Hi there!

Not long ago, I switched from Blender 2.57 to Blender 2.49 so I could be able to make models for my game. But naturally, I still can’t export my model correctly. ._. What happens is that my material (I only uses vertex color) doesn’t load well. My model is all black in my game even if I painted it’s vertices with color in Blender. Also, there are two little other bugs: my bones are really small and in one of my animations, it seems like one of my bone isn’t connected with some vertices.

Do you have any ideas how I could fix those problems please? D:

Thank you, thecheeselover

try flipping the normals in blender. You can also try using the blender loader directly in jmp, and ofc make sure your using a light as well

Blender gives me an error in the console when I try exporting because I flipped the normals. :open_mouth: Here is the error: AttributeError: ‘EditBone’ object has no attribute ‘hasChildren’. I also have a light in my scene. Now I’ll try the blender loader, but I thought he wasn’t really working well and animations were not supported. Thank you!

ficik from another thread fixed my problem. :smiley: Now I can finally export my model with vertex color working and animations too. The only problem is that I used my 2.49 .blend project file in Blender 2.58 and I think that’s why my animations don’t have names in the skeleton file. PS: Do you know how to make my model visible even without a light? Thank you

[EDIT] I fixed my problem with animations. My model works perfectly. :smiley: