Problem importing nifty-gui libraries in jme3

Hello, I am new on this forum… I’ve just downloaded the nifty-1.4.3.jar library and I am not able to copy it correctly in the library folder of my project… (neither import it from jme3 options…)… any ideas?

Hi, and welcome to the jMonkeyEngine forum.
You don’t need to download the nifty-1.4.3.jar manually from nifty’s webpage. It is bundled with the jme releases, called nifty.jar.
Do you use the SDK? If so, you don’t need to do anything as all libraries, including nifty, are already available.

Thanks for the immediate answer.
Yes, I am using the SDK but it isn’t able to find com.jme3.niftygui and de.lessvoid.nifty packages, in fact they aren’t in the Library folder.

Can you list what libraries are in your Library folder?

I’ll give you a screenshot.

Right Click on Libraries, Add Library, Nifty Gui

It can’t find Nifty-GUI form Global libraries folder, neither if I add it manually

There has to be jme3-niftygui in exactly the dialog you get when you rightclick Libraries → Add Library.

Also sounds strange, I don’t know what you do but even then you should be able to manually import libraries