Problem java.lang.OutOfMemory

try adding -Xmx512m to the vmargs on your run configuration and see if that doesn't solve your problem.

I had -Xmx512m but it doesn't solve my problem.

Compiler error…  Might be having issues building with all those collada files and such.

Yes, the IDEs are also running in a Java VM, and for instance, jME will not compile (without the ant script) in Netbeans without passing -J-Xmx512m as a command line argument.

In Eclipse there must be another way to increment the initial heap size for the environment.

Good luck

if u r using eclipse, just go to the java build path.

and click on the jre/jdk jar, then click edit. in the VM argument field, type in -Xmx512m, this should solve ur problem

It's good, thanks you neakor, but when I compile the test I have an exeption:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jmetest/TutorialGuide/HelloWorld

I have saw for path but i don't found bad link. (i think this sentence can't be understood)
Excuse me for my noob attitude and for my bad english  :'(

Well, this can be either of two problems:

  • If you are trying to run the HelloWorld that comes with jME, then you forgot to add the JARs to Eclipse's project classpath

  • If you created that file yourself, you need to get rid (or modify) the package jmetest.TutorialGuide; line in the code.

Good luck

Java VM arguments should be added to eclipse.ini.