Problem on building project for ios on mac os

I try to build a dummy project on mac os in order to run it on iphone but i got the following errors

Creating iOS resources object file for arm
/Users/chatzich/Documents/BasicGame/nbproject/ios-impl.xml:5: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/Users/chatzich/Documents/BasicGame/nbproject/ios-impl.xml:138: exec returned: 139

on ios-impl.xml 139 line has the code
[java] <exec executable="${ios.avian.converter}" failonerror=“true”>
<arg line="${}"/>
<arg line="${}"/>
<arg line="_binary_resources_jar_start"/>
<arg line="_binary_resources_jar_end"/>
<arg line="${ios.platform}"/>
<arg line="${ios.arch}"/>
<arg line=“1”/>
</exec> [/java]

I checked out avian’s source code built it and installed it at bin directory but jme is still unable to locate the executable… :S

Can anyone help on this?? thx in advance!

I recall hearing that even if you get this working, currently there is no renderer for iOS, so the best you will get is a blank screen atm. Could be wrong… but I’m pretty sure this is what @normen said when asking him about iOS.

Thats right, theres only a null renderer however the build should still pass. Do you have the “command line dev tools” installed? You can do that from XCode.

Yes, I have command line tools installed on XCode. :S