Problem with exporting blender model to JME

Hi guys,

I made human model in MakeHuman, animated it in blender. I was made shape keys for lip animation (smile), and created two bones to control it. These bones are in main armature. So created animation is smiling with waving (just test animation you know).

Problem is, when I exported model to JME by ogre3D (I tried blender importer too) , animation in JME is showing only waving, but smile not.

What problem it should be? … Maybe shape keys from blender are not supported in JME? or?

Thanks for response.

I guess the smile is not a bone animation. Vertex animations don’t work in jME (or the Ogre format for that matter). Make sure you use game compatible models and animation modes in MakeHuman, see this document


Yes the smile is bone animation, that is problem :(. thanks for document, I did all procedures mentioned in this document. So I dont have idea what to do next.

I was made shape keys for lip animation (smile), and created two bones to control it.

So you control shapekeys by bones - this will not work - as normen said and wiki - shapekayes not work :expressionless:

Oh sorry, I get it now, so this is really not good for me. Can anyone give me some tip or advice how to make facial expression animations without shape keys for JME? :confused:

I will be very thankful fot that.

I have also experienced all such stuff.
There are some approach:
1- use makehuman night version :
- it has a skeleton type that has all the face bone you need. name is “Default no toes”. it works for me.
- but has some problem . it give error when you load BVH file to it. (you should delete chest bone
i think). If you do not use BVH file I think use this approach.
- it does not support .mhx export format as i know. It export to .mhx2 . so you should install .mhx2
importer in blender. (it is easy . google it)
2- use make human stable version :

  • chose game skeleton type
  • in blender add your face bones to head bone of your character . (this is the hard work. you should
    parent your new bone to head bone then add bone weight paint to newly added bones) It is regular
    process as I think. (but i do not tried it) if you do it and succeed make sure to tell me. :smiley:
  • it has no problem with BVH file loading.

Good luck

Edit : To add new bone to your character Head bone make sure to do it in Edit Mode of blender.

Here is a good tutorial :

Edit3 :you can just follow until step 22 of Creating Driver Bones in above tutorial . after that weight paint bones .

Thanks a lot for tips.

I will try night verions of MakeHuman to do it :smiley:
but the second one tip you wrote need shape keys too or not?

Anyway I will give you my report.

Edit : thanks for tutorial
Edit2: in this tutorial are using shape keys too, you think it could be work in JME?

No need to shape key. you just add your new bone on top of Head bone of your character from makehuman
then weight paint them.

Yes it is shape key. [Sorry it is my mistake]
You should use bone weight painting in that case it will work.

Great, I will try weight paint (never used it before :smiley: )