PROBLEM with exporting from blend -> ogre -> jme

Hi, Guyes!

Can someone help me ?

I want to exprot some models with animations in jme but how much I did not try, every time a new error. I had NullPointer( in channel = control.createChannel():wink: , had Exeption in Control.scene content removed ArrayIndexOfBound -4( first screen) image. and any others. I think my blender bad exporting in ogre format and may be deleting animation. Here models for example I trying for two days, and i can import and use only models without movings.Please help.

P.S. Sorry for bad English.

Almost always the case when you didn’t get the right control, take a look in the SceneExplorer to see the structure, under which node the Control actually is

You could also try Blender and XBuf Importers, I like the more than Ogre actually

I am absolutely newbie, can u explain what is SceneExplorer, and give me link how to use XBuf, please.

Thanks a lot for answer <3

  1. (Or search for your SceneExplorer Window)
  2. Could be googled by using xbuf…
    Get started · xbuf Level 2 is what you’d want, you can then convert the xbuf to j3o (you dont need the importer thing)
    What is xbuf and what is it`s usage? - #3 by Darkchaos
    If you need more, search the forums

What ogre script are you using?

The last one GitHub - OGRECave/blender2ogre: Blender exporter for the OGRE 3D engine , and last blender ( 2.79)

I would suggest trying 0.6.0 script instead.

Only takes a few minutes to change the script.

If the error still remains, you can always revert back.

Edit: if you use the latest SDK, it has this script under Tools/OgreXML

You helped me do what I could not do 2 days!!! Appeared new troubles) ) but anyway thanks a lot <3