Problem with importing blender animation

I’m having trouble importing a blender file. Here is the file in question.

This is a simple rig I made one idle animation for. The animation plays fine in blender but when I import it to JME I get two problems. One it imports several empty animation controls.

Two and most important the arms don’t animate correctly. For some reason the arms stick out straight in front of her like a zombie when playing the animation. Everything else is fine it’s just the arms. Perhaps someone who is familiar with blender can look at the model. I’m a newb to blender rigging so I may have screwed something up.

P.S. The rig is the default rigify armature that comes with blender.

Ill take a look at the model.

The pre-advice I can give before I can download it.

Make sure the armature is not offset from the mesh.

I’ve seen the export of empty animation controls but only at most 2.

I don’t know the cause of this directly but deleting them doesn’t ham the model.

I found exporting to ogre will fix the empty animations. The model has 5 parts. It’s making a master control for all parts but ogre does it properly and makes a single , working , control for each part.

I baked animation and it fixed second problem.
Select Rig then go to this menu Object → Animation → Backe Action

then convert to .j3o


My fixes:

  • apply location + scale on every mesh (they should be identity)
  • convert the a animation action into NLA track.

Preview jme in Blender (via xbuf) :

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This is the same solution as I use. I have never had an issue importing blender directly. In fact I can’t even find an up to date ogre exporter.

Thanks for the help. I really didn’t want to have to build a skeleton from scratch. Using the rigify default rig is too convenient.

Mixamo can auto rig your model in a few seconds for free.

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