Problem With Plugin Update Maven Projects

Hello All,

I have a problem with updating some plugins via Tools->Plugins, such as Material Support :

" Installed version: Available version: Author: Normen Hansen Date: 22.04.11 Source: jMonkeyEngine SDK Nightly Homepage:

Plugin Description

Provides support for editing jME3 material files

Internal Updates

Keyring Implementations [1.2->1.3] Maven Project Samples new! [1.4.2] MultiView Windows [1.21->1.22] Update Centers new! [1.19.1] "

But when checking dependensies befor installation I get following:

" Some plugins require plugin Maven Projects to be installed.

The plugin Maven Projects is requested in version >= 1.1.1 (release version 1) but only 2.10 (of release version different from 1) was found. The following plugin is affected: Maven Project Samples "

So, does anybody know how to fix it and install the appropriate version of this Maven Projects?

This dependency is bogus, try uninstalling (incl. settings!) and updating again.