Problem with .scene file

Hi,I got a .scene file problem .

I create a .scene file which include some object , and I made some armature animation for each object.But when I loaded this .scene file in jme,I tried to call a animation in each object ,nothing happen.I found only separate *.mesh.xml file can work well with its animation,but in .scene file ,it seems jme can’t find any animation .The AnimControl is always null.

So ,I wonder that how can I load and see animation in .scene file directly??

Can anyone help?

:roll: really? 3hrs, 30min is the max time you can go w/o bumping your post? Please stop that. Also, you just bailed your post out of the “unreplied” posts list so you actually lessened your chance to get an answer.

Its possible the control is deeper in the scene graph, you will need to find it. Also consider just loading the mesh.xml file directly so that the control is directly on the Spatial you loaded