Problem with the model ingame

I’ve converted the body of the car,but when the car is loaded in a JME game,it doesn’t move.

This is the car: SpeedyShare .What’s the problem(ignore the wrong axis)?

The car does not move? What do you mean?

did you follow all beginner jme tutorials ?

what did you mean by move :

  1. animation.
  2. node.move ?

    You can follow corresponding tutorial.

Move=node.move.Try with fancy car demo,and you will see the problem.

maybe you have to move it with jbullet, so node.move doesnt work.

I don’t know how to do that,I’ve used until now only demo’s.With default Ferrari car in TestFancyCar demo,it’s ok,but when I replace the body of the car,problems are starting.

When the object is controlled by physics you cannot use node.move(). You have to disable physics first.

Alternatively you can use PhysicsControl.setPhysicsLocation() to override the location used by physics for that particular frame.