Problems debugging JME project in Eclipse

After some update from the repository, I'm not able to debug the code inside the Jme project.

If I start debugging from my project and I keep pressing F5, for example, I can get in the Jme Project's code, but if I put a brakepoint directly in the a Jme Project's code, it is never reached, despite I'm sure the flow pass through it.

Does anyone have any clue ?

Thanks !

I suspect if you set a breakpoint on one of JME's method entry points, instead of the first line IN the method, you'll hit the breakpoint, but you'll see Eclipse's wonderful 'class file' info screen, and not the source code.

In that case, you'll have to attach source code before the debugger will pay attention to the breakpoints you set in JME code.  You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Go to your project properties,  Java Build path, Libraries tab.  then expand the properties on each jme jar you have in your project, and select the 'source attachment' property, click the edit button, and point it at the source code.  I've had mixed success with this method, but it works in theory.

  2. The easier way to do this is to go to your debug profile (Debug Configurations . . . -> your profile) then go to the source tab, and just add the whole jme project.  That way, if there's multiple jars built from the same source (which IIRC, there is) you don't have to attach source code to each one.

    Once you do that, when you debug, your breakpoints should work.  If you still have trouble, post it here and we'll see what I told you to do that was wrong.  :smiley:


Hi Falken,

Thanks for the hint, but unfortunatelly it hasn't worked.

Same problem still happens. It is in the ColladaImporter class. As I said, doing F5 from my code until the ColladaImporter class, I can get this class debugged, but breakpoints, no way.

It is really annoying me.

It seems that Eclipse, JVM or else is crashing !

If have any other clue, please let me know.

Thanks !

you have to set breakpoints in .class files with attached source (in Eclipse the icon of the tab has a SMALL blue "J" and the "101" to signal youre watching a .class file of a lib or something and have source attached. If you just see a big blue "J" you set the breakpoint in the jme source project, not in the jme .class file of the lib.