Problems with Animation

Hey, I tried to import a 3D-model exported with OgreMax out of Autodesk 3d MAX.
When I load the model it looks as it should. When I play an animation it messes up everything, which looks like this:

I followed this tutorial to export the OgreXML file.

-Herr Mohn

Picture wasn’t displayed correctly

Make sure the rotations and locations of your models parts are “applied” to the parts so that theres no local translations or rotations. Idk how that works in 3ds.

Thanks for your response!
I set the Transform of Absolute:World to X=0, Y=0 and Z=0 but it’s still the same problem. Any ideas?

-Herr Mohn

Have you tried adding skeleton debugger to make bones visible? that way you can make an idea about bone’s position.

// add a skeleton debugger to make bones visible
final Skeleton skel = ac.getSkeleton();
final SkeletonDebugger skeletonDebug = new SkeletonDebugger(“skeleton”,
final Material mat = new Material(assetManager,
mat.setColor(“Color”, ColorRGBA.Green);
((Node) ac.getSpatial()).attachChild(skeletonDebug);

Then you can check the tips for blender model import: Creating assets in Blender3D

Check root node position, if transfomations (location, rotation, scalation are applied, etc)

good luck

Ok Skeleton looks like this

So, do you think this is an export error?

do you think this is an export error?

First of all. I have never tried to import 3d max models into jme but please, take into account the following:

From your image, I guess the model is on the middle of an animation. Take a look on if the skeleton’s position on stand pose (without playing an animation) looks similar to your 3d model’s bones position on 3d max.

When you are importing 3d models form blender you need to follow several tips in order to avoid having 3d model weird deformation issues (same issues as your are having). Check the following:

  • Apply Location, Rotation and Scale to the mesh
  • Apply Location, Rotation and Scale to the armature
  • Set the mesh’s origin point in the bottom of the mesh
  • Set the armature’s origin point in the bottom of the armature
  • Armature’s origin point and mesh’s origin point must be in the same location
  • Use a root bone located in the armature’s origin. This root bone must be in vertical position (see the image below) and it is the root bone of the armature. If you rotate the root bone, the the entire armature might be rotate when you import the model into jMonkey

Here you have a better description for those tips.

I’ve had nothing but trouble personally trying to export ogre from 3ds Max.

While I would much rather use 3ds max for animating my models I haven’t gotten it right.

I’ve pretty much given up and gone to using the blender armatures.

If you have any lucky I’d love to hear how you got it worked out.